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Collecting Donations

With your support we can make breakthroughs 

The nonsense mutation foundation was founded by parents of children's with nonsense mutations in rare genes. The foundation works to broaden the usage of medication for nonsense mutations across many genes by supporting clinical basket trials. This can affect millions of people worldwide, changing the lives of many families. Your donation will go directly toward research, raising awareness and the basic cost of running a foundation.

All foundation workers are volunteering, we pay no salaries. 


Note that the donations are currently not eligible for tax exemption. We are incorporated in Israel, where the local law states that nonprofits must be active for at least 2 years before the donations are eligible for tax exemption (Status 46A). Beside the maturity, our foundation abides with all law requirements to reach status 46A when time permits. 

Every Donation Counts

Money can be transferred directly via the following :
IBAN Code: IL580125590000000380100

Bank Swift Code: POALILIT


When making direct transfer, please email us with the details so we can hand a receipt

Thanks !

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