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Hope for a cure

If you or your child have a genetic disorder due to a nonsense mutation, know there is a hope for a cure.

We support clinical trails for nonsense mutations patients across all genes.


The Nonsense Mutations Foundation

Our Mission


There are medications for nonsense mutations that can potentially treat many genetic disorders

We strive to broaden the usage of those medications for more disorders and genes. While we are aware that these medications won't serve all disorders and all patients, we have a strong belief, a broadened usage can bring cure to many families

Only with a strong community can we make it a reality.


We need your help

In order to attract pharma, clinicians and researchers we need your support. 

Join the foundation contact list. 

What is a nonsense mutation?

Genetic mutations, unrelated to a certain gene, can be categorized into different types of mutations. Nonsense mutation is one of those types.


Is there a cure for nonsense mutations ?

Yes, there are drugs that potentially cure nonsense mutations. The drugs for nonsense mutations are gene agnostic and in theory could affect many patients from different disorders.

Introduction to genetic diseases 

If genetics seems complex and you fill it is  beyond your grasp, we made an effort to simplify it by creating this introduction video made for parents that are not coming from the field of genetics. 

We cover the basics of DNA, proteins, genetic mutations and terms like de-novo mutations.

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